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Hope Research Project

We are on a mission to listen to more than 1000 people to deepen our understanding of hope so that we can inspire and generate more hope in the world. We believe that having hope is fundamental, the starting place, for building a better world. Without hope, there is no inspiration, no innovation, no imagination to create a better future. Without that, there is no energy and no courage to take positive action.  Will you help us? Take our survey here 

Image by David Marcu

What we are aiming to learn

We want to learn where people see hope in the world, how they sustain hope for themselves and how they engage and inspire others to be Hopeful.​ We also want to learn how hope shows up differently for different people.


How we will be collecting data

The methodology used for conducting the analysis will include the following:


  • Podcast guest interviews

  • Random live interviews (conferences, events, planned meetings/focus groups)

  • Link to website with online questionnaire

  • Hard copy questionnaires


Our audacious goal: to learn from more than 1000 people

We began collecting data in January 2023 and aim to conclude by the end of December 2023. We will continue collecting data until we have at least 1001 entries.


What we will do with the data

We will analyze the data, write a paper and share our key findings. We will share the fact sheet with aggregated data with those who participate in the study and request it. We also hope to write a book to share with the world what we have learned about how to hold, inspire and sustain hope for ourselves and each other.

Take the Hope survey here

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