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Our purpose is to elevate leaders’ capabilities, to positively leverage the impact they have on the World’s most critical challenges through energizing and unleashing the power of every voice.

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Our Story

We believe we need every voice, every idea and every heart in order to seize every opportunity to tackle today’s complex and challenging problems. Leaders hold the key to unleashing this power in every individual. We believe everyone is a leader. If you have an opportunity to influence others then you are a leader. This podcast is for you. We want to lift you up and elevate your leadership capabilities, to positively leverage the impact you have on the World’s most critical challenges through energizing and unleashing the power of every voice. Today’s leaders are facing the challenges of change in ways that have not been done before.  Through necessity, businesses are reengineering and reinventing themselves in an effort to stay competitive.  This presents challenges for every leader, whether new or seasoned, to reexamine their skills and experience and adjust, where necessary.  We will examine what it means to be a leader today and how to show up and have the highest positive impact. We will talk with leaders who are figuring it out every day just like you, and we will also talk to experts who can share from their knowledge and challenge you to grow and try something new. And Tricia and I will be on the journey with you, sharing our more than 60 years of combined experience coaching and teaching leaders and organizations to be the best they can be. Join us on this adventure to unleash leader possibilities to make a better world.


I have spent my more than 30-year career developing mission driven leaders and organizations so they can discover and reach their highest potential, maximizing their impact and contribution. I believe in the power of possibility and designing systems and cultures where every individual can follow their passion and leverage their strengths, talents and wisdom to make better teams, organizations, communities and ultimately a better world. 

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I have dedicated over 30 years of my career, as an Organizational Development professional and Coach, to helping leaders discover their strengths and gain insights toward realizing their true potential.  I have practiced my passions for coaching and development with all levels of leadership, in both private and public sector organizations. I am committed to helping leaders draft a new chapter towards leading equitably, acting as stewards of our environment, and embracing innovation.

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Founder of Space Gnomes Co, I have dedicated my time to technology, science, and art. As the tech here, for Lifting Leaders, my goal is to implement technology in order to spread the words of leadership to as many ears waiting to listen. 

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