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It’s Gems Times TWO!  An Emergent Theme from Episodes 95 and 96

Continuing our series of Opening Your Heart, we found a foundational theme in our last two episodes that we wanted to unpack a bit. Taking cues from Episode 95, with the mother/daughter duo, Kirsten Carpentier and Regina Winkle-Bryan, and Episode 96, with G. Victoria Campbell and Andrew Coopman, we thought it would be interesting to use their stories that make Heart connections. Listen in and learn about how following their dreams led each of these amazing adventurers to where they are, today. Learn about the five elements of following your dream, and what each step means for them, as well as how you might employ them, as you follow your own dreams. Finally, if you have not already done so, please take a few moments and complete our Hope survey. We would love to include your responses in our research.

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • As you follow your dreams, how has Pause/Reflect impacted your actions?

  • What purpose drives your dream and what “ask” might help you achieve it?

  • Have you taken the opportunity to complete the HOPE survey?  It’s on the Lifting Leaders Podcast website (check the link, below).

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