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Opening Our Hearts On Earth Day With G. Victoria Campbell and Andrew Coopman -Treeson Premiere Night!

Earth Day finally arrived, and we found ourselves just off Broadway, meeting, once again, with TREESON creator and co-writers,  G. Victoria Campbell, and Andrew Coopman.  Talk about nervous excitement!!  Vicki and Andrew gifted us some of their time, just hours before their eco-musical, TREESON, was to premiere, off Broadway, at 54 Below, a charming dinner club and theatre.

Listen in and learn more about some of the final details they collaborated on, as they prepared for the big night.  Hear them open their hearts and share true love and respect for the journey they’ve been on, over the past year.  Listen in and learn about a new project that Andrew is working on and hear him talk about his role in the upcoming Drama League Awards (older than the Tonys!). Also, listen in, as Vicki shares an exciting potential new opportunity for Treeson.  There is so much “heart” in this interview…a true “feel good” episode. Finally, we are still hoping to increase responses to our Hope survey. We would love to include your responses in our research.

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • What are you doing to live Earth Day, every day?

  • In what ways will you open your heart toward a cleaner, healthier World?

  • Have you taken the opportunity to complete the HOPE survey?  It’s on the Lifting Leaders Podcast website (check the link, below).

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