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Opening Your Heart Series: Peter Block on Reclaiming Control of our Collective Well-being through Activating the Common Good

This week we launch our special series, Opening Your Heart, with guest Peter Block,  who challenges us to shift our mental framework from scarcity to abundance and enough. He shares a new organizing principle and paradigm for our culture, the Common Good which relies on all of us opening our hearts to connect and create relationships in our communities to have a positive impact on the world (it starts with you!).


Find out the 7 key areas that every community universally cares about and new ways to measure our well-being. In this powerful and vulnerable interview, Peter shares his own perspectives on story, place, impact and why he still asks himself, have I done enough? We invite you to grab a warm cup of tea or coffee, sit back and enjoy the unique pace of this episode that invites you to pause, slow down and soak it all in.


Have you taken the opportunity to complete our HOPE survey yet?   We Need Your Voice!  

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • What small steps might you take to move from your current paradigm to one of Common Good?

  • In what ways is your heart open already? How might you take a courageous step to open it more?

  • What question, if you had the answer, would set you free?

  • Please complete the Hope Initiative Questionnaire.  We need your voice!

Sources and Links

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