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Mining for Red Threads – Striking Gems from G. Victoria Campbell, Andrew Coopman, and Carla Ondrasik

It’s a question that is surfacing, more and more, these days.  Do you want to try to make a positive difference, or will we make a difference? Please join us as our delightful guest, self-proclaimed natural-born motivator, Carla Ondrasik, challenges our thinking on this topic.  Some of the best gems appear when you least expect it.  We actually found a red thread that linked our previous two episodes, featuring G. Victoria Campbell and her partner, Andrew Coopman (Treeson, the eco-musical), and Carla Ondrasik (powerful speaker, writer, and leader of “Don’t Try…DO!” initiative). Banking off what we heard from these dynamic guests, we unpack the Huffington Post article, “Don’t Overthink – Just Do.” We Hope you will listen in, for this short but powerfully rich episode. Have you taken the opportunity to complete our HOPE survey yet?   We Need Your Voice!  

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • How do you go after what you want? Do you experiment or do you do something else?  

  • What small steps can you take to facilitate change? What do these steps look like?

  • What first action are you struggling to take and what do you need to move forward?

  • Please complete the Hope Initiative Questionnaire.  We need your voice!

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