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Coaches Corner – How to Cope, When Life Gets in the Way!

It seems like life just keeps getting more and more busy and, we don’t know about you but, we sometimes feel the tug between home life and work life.  How do we keep our home priorities and challenges out of sight and out of mind, as we navigate work?  How do we leave work behind so we can enjoy our personal spaces?  These challenges have existed for years and, while we used to hear, “leave your personal life at the door, when you enter work,” we all know that this is just not possible, most of the time. After all, we are humans, with all the wonder, baggage, challenges, joys, and sadness, that make us who we are.  In this episode, we depart from our usual approach, by NOT referencing articles from our favorite business resources. Instead, we offer, from our own experiences, some gems to consider, as you work through all the things in life, that sometimes get in the way.  This Coaches Corner is full of food for thought, around things like Sacrifice vs Service, the importance of prioritizing, setting boundaries and delegating.  Looking for new insights on this topic?  We hope you’ll listen in.  Have you taken the opportunity to complete our HOPE survey yet?   We Need Your Voice!  

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • What boundaries will you set, to ensure you maintain balance, between your home and work lives?

  • How can delegation free up some of your time and how will you use that time?

  • Please complete the Hope Initiative Questionnaire.  We need your voice!

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