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Coaches Corner – Here it Comes Again…Change!

We all have at least one thing in common…we all must navigate through change. At work, home, or wherever you spend more than a moment, you experience change.  Some changes may be easy to manage but there are changes that feel like huge lifts.  But do they have to be?  We thought it might be a good idea to visit this ever-present topic, while we are in the middle of our first quarter of the year, when many of us may have already tucked away our New Year’s commitments and plans. Listen in and learn about a few different models that business and change experts map out processes pertaining to the topic. Learn about models and concepts from James Clear, James Prochaska, Doug Silsbee, and Brene Brown. Listen in and hear more about how 360 degree assessments and coaching play a role in change. This Coaches Corner is full of gems and we hope you will find it insightful.  Have you taken the opportunity to complete our HOPE survey yet?   We Need Your Voice!  

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • What steps can you identify that have lead up to your overnight success? 

  • Looking for career movement/change?  Consider a 360 assessment and coaching. 

  • Please complete the Hope Initiative Questionnaire.  We need your voice!

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