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Human Flourishing - Unpacking the PERMA Model – Unearthing Gems from Judy Oyedele and Sasha Farley (Parts One & Two)

Human Flourishing…It has been our topic of choice, over the past few weeks, for good reason. We envision the world being a better place, if leaders will learn about and practice the components that lead to Human Flourishing.  Join us as we unpack the PERMA model that we learned about, during our interviews with Judy Oyedele and Sasha Farley. Listen in and learn how simple acts can touch more than one component of the PERMA model.  Want to know more about the actions that lead to Human Flourishing?  Check out the episode here! 

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • What are one or two things that you enjoy doing, where you see elements of the PERMA model?

  • How can you practice and promote elements of the PERMA model, in your organization, in an effort to achieve true engagement?

  • Have you taken the Hope survey yet?  Only four questions…takes just a few minutes to complete.

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