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What’s All This Buzz About Human Flourishing…An Insightful Discussion with Judy Oyedele and Sasha Farley (Part Two)

Kristal Roberts and I Hope you had an opportunity to listen in on last week’s episode, with Judy Oyedele and Sasha Farley.  That was part one of this two-part mining expedition, on the topic of Human Flourishing and it set the foundation for the deeper dive we take in this episode. These two Organizational Development professionals discuss how the collective power of individual mindset and behaviors, even coming from varying states of mental/emotional wellbeing is what it takes to achieve more systemic Human Flourishing.  Want to know more about why Judy sees Human Flourishing as a “big, hairy, amorphous challenge?” Listen in to find out.  Knowing that Human Flourishing is seen as not so much of a “nice to have” state of being but, rather, a new imperative for all of us, it seems important for us to learn as much as we can so we can decide how it might fit into our worlds.  One of the many takeaways from this rich episode has to do with ways in which leaders can help further and foster Human Flourishing in their organizations. We hope you will listen in on the entire episode.  You will find a wealth of information on this important topic, and we believe it will be an insightful mining journey.

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • What assumptions about flourishing will you challenge, after hearing this episode?

  • How will you use the PERMA model, to identify your degree of flourishing and then, what steps will you take to “be it, while you build it”?

  • Have you taken the Hope survey yet?  Only four questions…takes just a few minutes to complete.

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