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What’s All This Buzz About Human Flourishing…An Insightful Discussion with Judy Oyedele and Sasha Farley (Part One)

While it seems like forever that experts have been concentrating on negative human behaviors, burn out and depression, there is a rising buzz in the world of psychology and organizational development that is shifting much of the focus toward something called Human Flourishing.  Join us, as we welcome Judy Oyedele and Sasha Farley, two Organizational Development professionals who bring their expertise to the podcast and share their journeys to this complex world of Human Flourishing.  Learn how they define flourishing and how it differs from fixing what’s wrong.  Discover the PERMA model and how it’s linked to Human Flourishing.  Learn how flourishing differs, in different countries and cultures and why Judy and Sasha say that Human Flourishing is a team sport. This topic is so important, during this time we are living in, and there is so much information to share, that we are bringing Judy and Sasha back, for our next episode, as well. Don’t miss this episode, though, as it sets the foundation upon which our next conversation will be based. We know there are a lot of gems to be found in this episode, and we think you will be glad you spent time mining with us.  

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • What tells you that you are (or are not) flourishing?

  • How will you use the PERMA model, to identify your degree of flourishing?

  • Have you taken the Hope survey yet?  Only four questions…takes just a few minutes to complete.

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