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Exploring Gems: Insights from our episode with Will Paisley

In this episode we dig deeper into the challenge that Will Paisley, our previous episode’s guest, gave us. He said that when leaders bring young marginalized individuals into the fold we have to recognize, “you don’t know everything. You need to take the time and give yourself grace and give those people who are following you grace to understand you are going to make mistakes along the way and it might not be pretty and could be pretty messy.” Knowing that leadership begins by looking inward and being self-aware, Kristal and Tricia explore how leaders can show up positively in this uncomfortable space of not knowing. We call this courageous leadership. Join us as we unpack this critical leadership competency.

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

1.    What if we each had the mindset that Will shared with us, the 7 Generation principle, which was codified by the Iroquois nation, “Everything you do in this day should be for the benefit of the next 7 generations.” How might this change how you act today? How might this help you be a more courageous leader?

2.    We need every voice, every idea and every heart in order to seize every opportunity to tackle today’s complex and challenging problems. What is one action you can take today, to be a more authentic leader? What is one thing you can do differently as a leader, to fully engage ALL voices?

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