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Happy 2024! It’s All About The Plan…or is it?

Happy 2024!  We are back after the holidays that were filled with family, friends, and lots of fun!  Want to know what we did over the holidays?  Are you interested in learning what’s coming up, for us and the podcast, in 2024?  Listen in, as we share a little about our holiday experiences and shift the discussion toward the value of having a plan, for your year, while being open to all the new and unplanned moments that will inevitably grab your attention, when you least expect it.  Why is it important to allow yourself to step away from your plan?  What’s the best thing that can happen, when  you do?  Listen in and you’ll find out.  OH!  We’re continuing to promote our HOPE Survey this year so, if you haven’t taken the opportunity to complete it yet, we Hope you will do it, this year. You will find the link on our website.

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • How will you map out your year, this year?  Are you making plans?   Are you winging it? Check out the Forbes article, on planning, below.

  • Have you selected a word of intention, for the year?  A word of intention acts as a guide, while you are navigating your world, during the year.  It does not define you but it serves as a compass, during the various situations and encounters you have, before you.

  • Have you completed the HOPE survey?  Please take five minutes to respond to the four questions (and several demographic questions).

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