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Mining Gems from Jeff McAuliffe’s Interview – What’s Your Vision?

We round out the year with a deeper look into our interview with Jeff McAuliffe and the many gems he shared with us (Episode 78). One gem that seems, to us, to be foundational is the importance of having a vision. It is so much more than mapping out a future state. In the current state of our World, it is critical that we look beyond the boundaries that are containing us and look at unknowns and possibilities. While the pandemic showed us how we act without a clear vision, with respect to climate change, we lacked vision, long before that.  Do you know what your organization’s vision is? How about your own vision? Listen in and learn some of the impacts of operating without a vision and what some steps are that can help you and your team/organization/family collectively map out your aspirational future state. Finally, if you have not already done so, please take a few moments and complete our Hope survey. We would love to include your responses in our research. Happy Holidays!

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • Knowing that collaboration is key to developing a clear vision that has a greater impact, who will you ask to work with you on your vision?

  • Have you taken the Hope survey yet? Only four questions…takes just a few minutes to complete.

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