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Radical New Approaches to Saving the World with Lindsey Godwin

We know that future generations are counting on us to solve the many critical challenges facing us today. This week’s guest, professor, practitioner and possibilitizer Dr. Lindsey Godwin, shares with us important concepts to understand as we develop solutions to move us toward our Earthshot. Discover what Net Positive OD and full spectrum flourishing are and how they can help organizations be catalysts toward positive impact in the World. Listen in, as Dr. Godwin shares radical and practical actions we can take, right now, to move toward net positive OD leadership. This is a must listen episode for all leaders (hint: we are all leaders!). Step into your exclusive role for saving the world.

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • In this podcast, Dr. Godwin talk about “Mirror Flourishing.”   How might shifting your focus, from fixing the organization before fixing the world, to fixing the world, first, impact your organization’s engagement and outcomes?

  • How might the three guiding principles questions (think radically!) shift everything you do?

  • Have you completed the HOPE survey?  Please take five minutes to respond to the four questions (and several demographic questions).

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