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Navigating the Cycle of Renewal with Leah Fleischner

Are there really defined stages or phases we go through, as we navigate our personal and professional lives?  Why is it important to recognize them and how can having that information result in greater clarity and positive, intentional outcomes?  Please join us in a fascinating conversation with our friend, Leah Fleischner, esteemed executive coach and consultant, who specializes in innovation facilitation and purpose-driven leadership, as we dive into the Hudson Institute of Coaching Cycle of Renewal model, and learn about the value that each stage offers at given times in our lives. Learn about the insights Leah has been experiencing, over the past several months, as she has been on her own journey through the “Getting Ready” phase and hear what’s on the horizon for her.  Are you riding high in your position and feeling your most empowered and energetic?  Are you feeling tired and a bit disillusioned by your current state and not sure what your next move should be?  Perhaps you’re contemplating taking some time off to figure out your future or…could you be in the process of taking brave moves by experimenting in new and different types of activities?  Whatever you’re experiencing, knowing the four stages can help you navigate the journey.  We hope you’ll listen in!

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • How are you feeling about your current career or personal direction?  What are you doing to unpack your feelings before making another move?

  • How will you use what you are learning about yourself and the Cycle of Renewal stages, to move forward with greater intention?

  • Have you completed the HOPE survey?  Please take five minutes to respond to the four questions (and several demographic questions).

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