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Resilience:  Tapping into the Wisdom of an Engaging Young Indigenous Leader - Will Paisley

In this episode, featuring Will Paisley, award winning Stanford graduate, we learn some of the challenges confronting marginalized individuals in today’s professional world.  Will also shares his ideas and advice for leaders of marginalized individuals and teams, around giving grace and engaging and recognizing the richness they bring to organizations. We hope you will listen in, as there is so much more to hear in this insightful episode.

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  1. This week’s guest, Will Paisley, said resilience is a necessary skill that you have to build internally.  It also depends on the external factors that are constantly shifting around you. Will mentioned that he has had to shift a lot of habits over the last few years to remain resilient. What habits did you shift over the last few years to remain resilient? Of those habits, what are you hanging onto as we transition into a new phase and what do you need to let go of?

  2. Will said that leaders need to recognize that when they are bringing more people into the fold that don’t look like them and aren’t like them, that as leaders they don’t know everything. Leaders need to take time and give themselves, as well as those who follow them, grace to understand. They must also understand that they, as leaders, are going to make mistakes and that it will be messy. In what ways, as a leader, are you leaning in and recognizing that you will make mistakes? How are you creating an environment of grace where leaders and teams can talk and learn from these mistakes to make a better environment where all can fully contribute?

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