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Nicole Bianchi Returns: Fun with Five Tough Talks!

How does it feel to be one of the stops on a bestselling author’s latest book tour?  In a word, AMAZING!  Join us as we welcome the return of Nicole Bianchi, bestselling author of Small Brave Moves, consultant, master coach and global transformational speaker. Listen in as Nicole introduces her latest bestseller, Five Tough Talks – a playbook for every tough talk you need to have in your professional and personal life.  Learn Nicole’s views around which talks are the toughest and how they can become easier by doing some up-front preparation. Just a hint…while the talks do not show up in a required sequence, there is some logic behind the order.  Nicole shares what led her to write this beautifully foundational playbook and offers a challenge for leaders who are looking for guidance around what may seem like difficult conversations.  We finished our time with Nicole feeling energized, engaged, and determined to put her playbook to use in our own practices.  We think you’ll feel the same!

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • What expectations will you set with others, to make conversations easier (less tough!)?

  • How will you protect your energy, not only as you prepare for a tough conversation but also during and afterward?

  • Please complete the Hope Initiative Questionnaire.  We need your voice!

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