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Tapping into Some Gems from Geoff Bellman

We gained a wealth of knowledge from our interview with Geoff Bellman (Episode 66), renowned Organizational Development leader, best-selling author, and lifetime achievement award winner (OD Network).  Join us as we unearth some of the gems from Extraordinary Groups, a bestselling book by Geoff Bellman and Kathleen Ryan. Are you ready to lead your group through a major change? What does it take to lead a group through transformational change?  Why is this shift in approach so important for success? Why is setting expectation critical toward moving groups in the right direction?  Listen in, as we explore what is truly at the heart of transformation. This episode is short and sweet, and we believe you’ll find it transformational!

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • What will you do to better understand your group’s readiness for transformation?

  • What behaviors tell you that you and your group are transforming? (Think head and heart)

Sources and Links

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