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What IS the Color of Emotional Intelligence? A Delightful Discussion with Farah Harris

Whether the name Farah Harris is new to you, or you are a faithful follower of hers, you’re in for a treat!  In this episode of Lifting Leaders Podcast, we spend a truly delightful hour with Belonging and Workplace Well-being expert, licensed psychotherapist, and author of the #1 International Bestseller, The Color of Emotional Intelligence: Elevating Our Self and Social Awareness to Address Inequities.  Listen in and learn the question that Farah recommends beginning every day with and how that question can have a great impact on building our emotional intelligence (EQ). Do you know the skills that can enhance our EQ, when dealing with others who may have underutilized or underdeveloped EQ? Check out this episode and you will learn this and so much more.  We HOPE you’ll join us, for an hour of warmth, insightful moments and so much fun.  Listen to the end for information and reminders around The Sensational Summer Challenge, Leading Edge Collaborative, Spot Coaching opportunities and our Hope Survey.

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • During the podcast, Farah Harris talks about the importance of being aware of our emotional intelligence (EQ) when giving AND receiving feedback.  How will you check your EQ when giving feedback?  How will you practice emotional intelligence when receiving? What triggers do you notice?  

  • Who, in your network, can you reach out to, for feedback around how you are showing up?

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