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Dr. Bailey Vail, On Becoming a Doctor in This New Era

Continuing our series on healthcare, the challenges and possibilities, we have the good fortune to talk with Dr. Bailey Vail who starts her residency in psychiatry on the same day we are dropping this episode! She tells her story about what inspired her to choose a career in medicine, the impact of COVID on her schooling and her outlook on her career; you might be surprised by her answers! She also shares with us her perspective of what is working well, and where the healthcare field could continue to evolve that will better meet the needs of healthcare professionals and their patients - a true win-win. She also shares her advice for those coming up behind her on how to pursue a career in medicine - spoiler alert - don’t forget to find your joy. Our interview with Dr. Vail inspired us and gave us hope for what this new generation brings to this critical industry and how they are working to make a better world. 

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • Dr. Bailey Vail talked about holding on to where you find joy even though you are in the midst of a very challenging situation. What brings you joy? What are you doing to make sure you experience joy every day, even when it may feel challenging to find time to do so? 

  • Dr. Vail spoke about standing up and having her voice heard on issues that matter to her. Where might you stand up and have your voice heard on an issue that matters to you? What action can you take this week to have your voice heard?

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