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Dr. Pamela Honsberger, on Addressing Burnout in our Healthcare Professionals

Continuing our series on challenges, within the healthcare industry and what healthcare professionals are doing about it, we gain some great insights from our guest, Dr. Pamela Honsberger, medical doctor, and physician leadership development professional, in California.  Join us and hear Pam’s story about what brought her to healthcare and what challenges she has faced during her journey.  Hear about some of the significant changes in physician/patient relationships and how that impacts, not only the patients but, most certainly, healthcare professionals.  Find out what the three main indicators of burnout are and what she believes are steps to addressing them.  This is a powerful episode, and we HOPE you’ll listen for the gems that start at the beginning and go all the way to the end!  

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • Dr. Pam shared three major signs of burnout in healthcare professionals.  Thinking about your own organization, where do you see similar signs?  What steps will you take to bring them to light?

  • What do emotional reserves look like to you?  What will you do to build up your own emotional reserves?

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