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Dane Fukumoto, Ed.D., on Leadership, Quality, Equity and Respect in the Rapidly Changing Healthcare Industry

Dane Fukumoto, Education Program Director at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health, a leading health-care company in Washington State, kicks off our healthcare series focused on critical challenges in the healthcare industry and conversations about where there is possibility and hope right now and into the future from different perspectives within the industry.We are hoping to bring attention to this critical field, to both the challenges and the possibilities in an effort to spark energy and hope to move leaders into action, in whatever way they can to support this critical system. 

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • Reflect on the challenges in the healthcare industry as Dane describes them. How are these challenges similar and different from what you are currently facing?.

  • Identify ways you could take action to support this critical industry.

Sources and Links

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