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Coaches’ Corner:  Talk About Networking!

Talk about networking!!  Want to hear two people unpack the amazing time they had at their first “live” learning conference, since the pandemic?  Join Kristal and Tricia as they recall some of the highlights of the Hudson Institute of Coaching’s Learning Conference, in Santa Barbara, CA.  Woven in amongst all the excitement are some great gems on networking and community. Learn more about the initiative Kristal and Tricia are working on, that focuses on healthcare, from different angles. Finally, find out more about their Hope Research Project. So…sit back, relax, and listen to these two coaches in this coaches corner.

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • Think about your current network.  Are you utilizing our network members?  Are they reaching out to you? Make attempts to connect with these people.  They are a part of your community.

  • Make a list of your network members.  What makes them part of your network?  Is it the work that you do? Is it their love of gardening.  Next to each name, identify how you know them and what they bring to your network.

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