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Gems from Glodean 2.0  - LOVE and Belonging

We LOVED talking with Glodean Champion in last week’s episode so we continue the love by diving deeper into one important outcome of LOVE - a true sense of Belonging. Go with us on an exploration of the important role leaders AND teams play in creating an elevated culture at work through intentionally focusing on ways to increase belonging. Outcomes from employees who feel they belong are tangible including more innovation, increased performance, satisfaction and the increased ability to persevere through tough challenges. We also share two more practical tools from the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) to help you expand your practice of creating a culture of Belonging. Finally…VUCA Vanquished is coming up, on May 26th so listen in, to learn how to sign up for this free, one-hour, highly interactive growth opportunity!  

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • Review CCL’s Belonging Conversation Guide. Choose one question that most resonates with you. Reflect on the question and answer it for yourself.

  • Now, using Glodean Champion’s LOVE framework (Episode 53): 

    • Listen with the intent to learn, 

    • Open-mindedly with 

    • Vulnerability and

    • Empathy, 

ask your team or a colleague to answer the same question. Where are there similarities in your answers? Where are there differences? How might this discussion help you build a better culture of Belonging?

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