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Glodean 2.0  - Spreading the LOVE!

Do you know what LOVE looks like? In this episode we are gifted, once again, with gems from Glodean Champion, TEDx and keynote speaker, author, and champion of LOVE, as she reveals her formula to narrowing gaps between people’s perceptions and deep-seeded beliefs and misunderstandings of others. Listen in as Glodean shares stories of encounters she has had, over the past several months, that give her (and us) hope about honoring our differences and celebrating things we have in common.  Finally…VUCA Vanquished is coming up, on May 26th so listen in, to learn how to sign up for this free, one-hour, highly interactive growth opportunity!  

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • What beliefs, that you learned at a very young age, guide the way you interact with, make assumptions about, or judge other individuals or groups?  How do you know your belief is valid? Consider having a discussion about this with one or more of these individuals.

  • How will you employ the LOVE formula, in discussions you have with others?  How will you promote the formula with your teams/others?

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