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It’s Our Lucky Day: A Conversation about Culture and Community with Andrea Lucky

In this episode we talk with Andrea Lucky, Kitsap Credit Union’s VP of HR, about how to develop organizational cultures with community at the center and the additive difference this can make for our employees and the organization. We also talk about the importance of flexibility and adaptability as we help leaders craft a path forward into the “new normal.”

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  1. Andrea talks about looking for “culture adds.” How can you, as a leader, use the criteria of  “culture add” in your decision making process? What are you doing that is a “culture add?”

  2. Andrea states that flexibility, grace and adaptability are key to being successful in our new world of work. How are you, as a leader, showing up in these ways? How are you engaging with and encouraging your employees to work in this way as well?

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