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Coaches’ Corner:  Adjust Your Sunglasses and Let’s Talk about Vision! 

It’s Spring!  And, at this time of the year, a time of planting and renewal, it seems fitting to focus on the topic of Vision…the Vision statement, that is. If you’re like a fair portion of the population, this may have you wondering, “What is a vision statement?” “Why is it important, and how do you create one?”  Join Kristal and Tricia, on their 50th episode of the Lifting Leaders Podcast, as they offer some answers and insights on this topic.  Learn some of the questions that a vision statement addresses and why it is so important, particularly if you have an organization, an entrepreneurial endeavor or are thinking about major goals in your family.  Learn about the connection between having a vision and HOPE.  This episode is packed with great information and food for thought and for those who listen all the way to the end, there is a special 50th episode insider surprise that is sure to make you grin. So, adjust your sunglasses, crank up the volume and take a listen!

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • Think about a long-range, aspirational goal you’ve been simmering on, for awhile.  Now, projecting five years out, envision what your world looks like (at that time), having gotten closer to realizing that vision?  What’s different?  What’s better? How does this new state inspire or engage others? Write down your future state…you’ve started your vision!

  • Knowing that a great vision statement is rarely created in a vacuum, who might you involve in drafting your vision? What do they bring that makes them good collaborators?

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