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Gems from Michael Melcher:  The Value of Networks

When was the last time you touched base with each member of your network?  Do you know how to effectively use your network?  Do you know how to support them?  In this episode, Kristal and Tricia unearth more gems from the Michael Melcher mine (Episode 48).  They dig deeper into the topic and share ways to build, maintain and grow your network. Remember, if you’re a leader (and everyone is), you’ll find some interesting gems of your own, in this episode.    

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • A repeat of last week’s challenge…write down the people in your network and then, reach out, via phone, email, text, even social media.  Plan to reach out to three-to-five people, this week and, then, reach out to that many more, next week…and so on, and so on.

  • Make a list of all the projects, activities, initiatives that are coming up and that you need to be a part of.  Who, in your network, might be able to help you move forward? Reach out and start a conversation.

Sources and Links

  • Melcher, Michael – Your Invisible Network, Matt Holt Books (2023), Dallas, TX 

  • Michael Melcher Leadership Group:

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