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What’s Art Got to do With Leadership?

In this gem-mining expedition, following the interview with photographer and artist, Robert Chism, Kristal and Tricia explore leadership as an actual art.  Join them, as they walk through an article and unpack what makes this topic so timely. Do you know the 12 artistic criteria for judging the art of particular leaders?  You may be surprised at how interchangeable they are with those of artists and how critical artistic leadership is toward making a better world. Kristal and Tricia also reveal a new, one-hour workshop, coming soon.  Can you say VUCA Voodoo?  Take a listen!

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • As you find yourself interacting with other leaders, at work or wherever you meet with others, think about the 12 artistic criteria from the HBR article and see if you can identify any that appear to be strengths in others.  Are there any of the criteria that appear to be challenging?  

  • Think about how you show up as a leader, in various situations.  Are there any of the 12 artistic criteria that are strengths for you?  How about challenges?

  • Thinking about the future of your work/philanthropic/social justice world, what do you think is missing that will be critical to have, for future success and sustainability? What will it take to gain/acquire it?

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