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Making a Better World through the Lens of a Camera with Robert Chism

Kristal and Tricia get a lesson in perspective, as they visit, with Pacific Northwest renowned photographer and artist, Robert Chism. Listen in and learn about this accomplished photographer, whose work is on display, not only at several local establishments, in King & Pierce Counties, WA, but also at the Seattle Space Needle.  Robert’s talents have crossed international lines, as well. One of his works was given, as a gift to Japan.  We hope you’ll listen in and learn, for yourself, some of the connections he sees, between the work he does, and making a better and more inspired world. 

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • Take a walk, outdoors, during this beautiful, early Spring and look for opportunities to capture what you’re seeing, by taking photos, with your cell phone or a camera. What sparked your interest?

  • Think about where you live or someplace you’ve known for many years.  What places or images are the same as they were, the first time you remember noticing them?  What has changed? This is a good exercise to do, at work, with your leader lens on, as well.

  • If you’re in the Sumner, WA area, on April 14th, check out Craft 19 (Crepes and coffee), on Main Street. Robert Chism will be showing some of his latest photographs.

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