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Coaches’ Corner:  Unpacking the Leader 360 Degree Assessment

In this episode of Coaches’ Corner, we examine the leader 360-degree assessment as a tool for development.  We share what a 360-degree assessment is and what it is not, and we tap into the views from a few trusted leadership experts on what makes a 360-degree review successful. Are you ready to take a deeper dive into a tool that can reveal your strengths, as well as potential opportunities for development? The answers are just a click away…we Hope you’ll listen in!

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • Thinking about what you heard in today’s episode, candidly ask yourself how ready you are to get some honest feedback from your supervisor/peers/direct reports/stakeholders?

  • If you can see value in gaining this type of information, what will it take for you to seek a 360-degree assessment?  Who will you reach out to?

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