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Jeff McAuliffe on Making a Difference, Starting with You

We talk with Jeff McAuliffe, Activist, Coach, Consultant and creator of the newsletter 52 Weeks of Earth Day, about his journey to personal accountability for making the world a better place. He invites us to reflect on how we can make small changes in our own thinking and behavior and ultimately join together with others who are on a similar journey in order to create a movement of positive actions within our own communities. This is an act of hope. We hope you will listen, reflect and take action.

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  1. Reflect on what you heard in today’s podcast, what is stirring in you now?

  2. What idea or action are you curious about and would you like to explore or experiment with that would move you toward personal accountability to make a better world? How might you invite others to go on this journey with you?

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