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Mining for Gems: Digging Deeper Into Wisdom From Dr. Pam McLean

In this episode we dig deeper into one of the many gems that Dr. Pam McLean shared with us in our interview with her last week. We also draw from the wisdom of Dr. Edgar Schein, delving into what leaders need to know, the “Need to Haves,” as we face a complex and rapidly changing world, to drive a learning culture and think more systemically.

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  1. Where are you modeling the way with respect to building a learning culture?

  2. With respect to a learning culture, how are lifting your employees up, by encouraging continuous learning?

  3. How do you encourage your team to grow from their mistakes, and stay in curiosity and at the same time, out of judgment?

Sources and Links

Schein, Edgan H. with Peter Schein, Organizational Culture and Leadership, Fifth Edition. Copyright 2017, p. 348-350.

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