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Dr. Pam McLean on Rising to This Golden Moment For Us as Human Beings

Dr. Pam McLean, Co-Founder of The Hudson Institute of Coaching, talks with us about why this is “a golden moment for us as human beings” and what she has learned, through decades of working with leaders around the globe, about the critical capabilities leaders need to develop to solve the complex issues in the world today.

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  1. “There is a greater thirst than I have ever seen in committing to creating cultures of development,” Pam McLean. In what ways are you creating cultures of development?

  2. “How do we evolve and acknowledge more of a whole person that is showing up in their work?”Pam McLean

  3. Before jumping back into old pre-pandemic habits and ways of being, “could we just stop and press pause and focus on what have I learned as a leader, what have we learned as a team, what have I learned in my role that is most important that I want to retain and what have I learned that I want to let go of or what have I let go of that I don’t want to return to?” Pam McLean

  4. How do we step back and look at the whole system and recognize our role, not blame others, in creating our world as it is today?

  5. As leaders, instead of telling others what to do, what questions can we ask others that help them reflect, think critically and ultimately grow?

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