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An Abundance of Gratitude and Mindfulness!

In the episode, we interview two accomplished leaders, Anika Klix and Mark Coates, who are both loyal listers of this podcast, on the topics of gratitude and mindfulness in leadership.

Show Notes
What are you grateful for?  In this season of gratitude, we are thankful that, in this 30th episode, we visit with two accomplished leaders, Anika Klix and Mark Coates, about gratitude and mindfulness in leadership.  These two, loyal, Lifting Leaders listeners (say that fast, three times!) share their views about the impact of gratitude.  Listen in and you will hear about a mindfulness tool that has strong ties to emotional intelligence.  Of course, we do our fair share of expressing gratitude, not only to Anika and Mark, but to all of you who listen to this podcast. So, the question remains…what are you grateful for?

Challenges for Action

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