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Jack Gems and How to Find Your Loves (and Happiness) at Work

Tricia and I explore some of the gems from the episode with our latest guest, Jack Schlosser. We focus on his idea of a career as a marathon and how that aligns with another leadership guru, Marcus Buckingham, and his new book Love + Work. Searching for how to find happiness in your work? This episode will help you get there.

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  1. Reflect and identify your red threads, your loves, and how you can turn them into contributions. As a leader, identify a few key steps you can take to help others discover theirs as well (hint: start by sharing yours!). Use the following questions from Marcus Buckingham’s new book Love + Work (page 78), to get you started:

    1. When was the last time..

      1. …you lost track of time?

      2. …you instinctively volunteered for something?

      3. …someone had to tear you away from what you were doing?

      4. …you felt completely in control of what you were doing

      5. …you surprised yourself by how well you did?

      6. …you were singled out for praise?

      7. …you were the only person to notice something?

      8. …you found yourself actively looking forward to work?

      9. …you came up with a new way of doing things?

      10. …you wanted the activity to never end?

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