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It’s a Wrap! – Our Healthcare Series Roundtable Discussion  

How appropriate that we celebrate our 60th episode of Lifting Leaders Podcast by wrapping up our series on some of the critical challenges in healthcare.  In this episode, we are joined by our friends and former LLP guests, Jack Schlosser, and Melanie Vargas, who engage with us, in a robust roundtable discussion on what we learned and discovered from the four healthcare professionals who gifted their time and wisdom, over the past month.  Learn what action we believe healthcare leaders should act on, to gain the biggest impact, what bigger, bold steps they could take, and much more! If you haven’t had a chance to hear their episodes, you can find them, wherever you listen.  The episodes are:

#56:  Dane Fukumoto, Education Program Director at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health,

#57:  Marcel Loh, Retired Healthcare Executive and Board Member,

#58:  Dr. Pam Honsberger, Medical Doctor, and Physician Leadership Development professional, and   

#59:  Dr. Bailey Vail, new Resident in the field of Psychiatry

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • Whether you work in the healthcare industry or not, there were points made that could apply to any industry.  After listening to this episode, what messages did we glean, that could inform our work, moving forward?  

  • As this series is wrapping up, one of the many Ah-Ha’s is that everyone plays a part in the sustainable well-being of healthcare professionals.  What is an action you can commit to?  

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