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Michael Melcher on The Vital Value of Networks

When was the last time you connected with the people in your network? What steps do you take to effectively utilize (and nurture) this priceless resource? How do you grow and maintain a network?  Join Kristal and Tricia as they virtually visit internationally known executive coach, leadership expert and accomplished author, Michael Urtuzuastegui Melcher.  Listen in and learn about his latest book, Your Invisible Network, and find out why your own network isn’t the only thing you, as a leader, need to be thinking about. If you lead others, you will find this episode a true eye opener.  

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • Think about your network and, if you don’t think you have one, think about the people with whom you interact, regularly.  What value do they bring to you?  What value do your bring to them?  They are a part of your network!

  • Write down the people in your network and then, reach out, via phone, email, text, even social media.  Make a plan to reach out to three-to-five people, this week.

Sources and Links

  • Melcher, Michael – Your Invisible Network, Matt Holt Books (2023), Dallas, TX 

  • Michael Melcher Leadership Group:

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