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Jeff’s Gems: How to Wake UP! and Change Our Habits for a Better World

Reflecting on some of the gems from Jeff McAuliffe, we explore the underlying theme of change and how it presents, as we move to make incremental changes toward saving our planet.  Listen in as we unpack insights around how commercial products impact our own lives and how we may need to rethink our actions and change some habits (you guessed it…toilet paper). Learn about what drives the 5 stages of change. We HOPE you will listen in and get ready for our BIG Lifting Leaders Podcast First Anniversary Party!  It’s coming in March…so, listen in for more details and get ready to PARTY!

Show Notes

Challenges for Action

  • What are one or two unconscious purchasing habits you can change, today?

  • Thinking about the five (5) stages of change, where do you sit, with respect to your own move toward an eco-friendly lifestyle?

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